About Us

Studio 61 is an amateur dramatic society based in Wolverhampton. Originally founded in the 1940s the society was renamed Studio 61 in 1961.
We currently rehearse and perform at the Victory Hall, Lower Penn. Our performance space is very adaptable, allowing raked or ‘in the round’ seating in a ‘black box’ format for an audience of up to 60, and we take full advantage of this, performing widely ranging styles of drama. We are fortunate to have the support of a large number of patrons, enabling us to be assured of a regular audience base for whatever we do and are not, like many societies, restricted to well-known ‘crowd pleasers’.Our choice of plays is down to whatever a member of the society has an enthusiasm for directing, and if, after a read-through, the other members like it, then it is added to the programme. In addition, we have recently introduced an annual Patrons’ evening, when rehearsed readings of exerpts from three plays are performed and the patrons vote for which they would like included in the coming season.

Although there are some members who always do the ‘backstage’ functions, acting members also do whatever needs to be done, when not acting in a production. These functions include stage management, props, costumes, lighting, sound, front of house and set-building. We are a team who get a great deal of fun out of what we do, but pride ourselves on an ultimately ‘professional’ approach which makes an audience feel welcome to a high standard of performance and production.

Each year we stage three plays and also do occasional ‘one-off’ performances of readings or plays at, for example, Wightwick Manor and, recently, The Greyhound next door! Where it is possible for a production to ‘travel’, additional performances are sometimes done at other venues too.In 2008 we took a play to the Edinburgh Fringe which was very well received and great fun to do, and in 2015 and 2016 we are pleased to have performed in a new festival, ENACT, which involves all types of local drama and is based at the Newhampton Arts Centre.

We rehearse each Friday plus designated Mondays or Tuesdays at 7.30 at the Victory Hall, Lower Penn, apart, of course, from play weeks when things get slightly busier! New members are always very welcome, so please browse our website and come along to see us.