June 2020

Gnit (2020)


by Will Eno

Thursday 11th June, 7:30 PM
Friday 12th June, 7:30 PM
Saturday 13th June, 7:30 PM
Sunday 14th June, 2:30 PM
at Victory Hall

Is laziness the opposite of love? Is the search for the Self for total nobodies? These are questions posed through the prolific pen of Will Eno, one of America's leading contemporary playwrights, whose talents for playful idiosyncratic language shine through in Gnit. Watch closely as Peter Gnit, a funny-enough but so-so specimen of humanity, makes a lifetime of bad decisions, on the search for his True Self, which is disintegrating while he searches. A rollicking and very cautionary tale about, among other things, how the opposite of love is laziness.

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