June 2015

All My Sons (2015)

All My Sons

by Arthur Miller

Wednesday 10th June, 7:30 PM
Thursday 11th June, 7:30 PM
Friday 12th June, 7:30 PM
Saturday 13th June, 7:30 PM
at Victory Hall

The story concerns the fortunes of the Keller and Deever families. During the war, Joe Keller and Steve Deever ran a machine shop which made aeroplane parts. Deever was sent to prison because the firm turned out defective parts, causing the deaths of many men. Keller, however, went free and made a lot of money. The twin shadows of this catastrophe and the fact that the young Keller son was reported missing during the war dominate the action.


Joe Keller
Peter Carrington-Porter
Kate Keller
Jane Alsop
Chris Keller
Benjamin Savage
Ann Deever
Becky Gitsham
George Deever
Chris Handley
Dr Jim Bayliss
Mike Smith
Sue Bayliss
Maggie Smith
Frank Lubey
Glenn Morris
Lydia Lubey
Lucy Hayreh
Finn Hayreh


Sarah Carter
Assistant Director
Mike Davenport
Stage Manager
Suzanne Smith
Assistant Stage Manager
Anna Wright
Kevin Porter
Sue Hay
Set Construction
Elizabeth Thompson
Sue Carrington-Porter
Set Design
Jane O'Reilly
Set Design
Sarah Carter
Set Construction
Ian Howarth
Sound and Lighting
Martin Smith
Sound and Lighting Operator
Peter Terry-Short
Front of House
Rita Dudek
Front of House
Joan Worrall
Front of House
Jane Fosbrook
Front of House
Ann Bickley
Front of House
Steph Haynes
Site Manager
Ben Dudek
Site Manager
David Bickley

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